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Long time no talk is quite appropriate...

Hello! I'm sure everyone has forgotten about me, and that's fine, I didn't post much/anything interesting to start with, but hey. Just a quick post saying that I've not been around even more because I've gone to uni, and it's quite busier. Busier than I really anticipated, but that's just how things go. I'm still around, but obviously not very active, so yeah.

Hope everything is going well with everyone!

Scumbag Brain returns!

Has three hours sleep:
Feels better than when I get seven hours sleep.

I think my brain enjoys doing reverse pyschology on itself. I don't even feel tired, and yesterday I was, like, dead halfway through the day. But, ah well. I continue to muse on the odd tendencies of myself.

Anything much up, flist?


Went to see Happy Feet Two today, the krill's bromance was really funny.

On other notes...


[Fanfiction] Eldur

Title: Eldur (Fire in Icelandic)
Author: isakana
Pairing/Characters: Norway/Iceland, the rest of the Nordics later on
Warnings: Mild incest (not graphic), strange dreams
Rating: T
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Romance
Notes: From a prompt on the kink meme: 'Nations run away to live human lives, for some reason.' Full prompt here: link
Cross-posted to norway_iceland and kalmarunionen.

Jóhann has a house, a job, a hidden phone which has 206 unread messages which he will read soon because he can't separate himself completely, and it still feels incomplete somehow.Collapse )

Aug. 21st, 2011

Argh, trying to work out the ages, even vaguely, in Cars/Cars 2 is giving me a headache! I really don't have much clue.

On another note, loving Titanium, by David Guetta and Sia: Link

Any songs you particularly like at the moment, f-list?


Prompt 8: Gone

Stifling gloom comes on a rainy day;
When white has disappeared without trace. 
The groom sits there, sipping cold Chai Lattes. 
Wondering when life became one long race, 
Now he no longer wishes to give chase,
He idles, remembers the shared coffees,
Still afternoons in cafes with chilled pace. 
But it disappears: turned out to be
A step further than acceptable and
He knows that he'll never regain that hand. 


Why does time flow so fast, yet so slow? 
Seconds take forever, yet years are moments, 
Gone in a flash. 
What was only a week ago
Seems a lifetime
And what was four years ago
Seems like nothing. 

As on these shows people want to
Strip away the years, 
I say,
Why strip away the years 
When you can take so much more with seconds?
Take a millisecond or two,
And you'll look forty again,
Thirty if you're lucky - 
And if your make-up artist's decent,
And you'll feel young and vibrant:
Like I'm supposed to. 

I'll lock away my heart,
To keep it from aging,
But then wish for it wistfully,
On cold lonely nights
When I wonder,
Why does time flow so fast?
It's been so long since I last saw you
But was it four years,
Or two seconds?

I often like to think that I might be good at things that I'm not.


Happy Valentine's Day! + fic

Hope you all had a nice/sufferable day! If not, feel free to say. Mine was really, really boring. Probably because I don't have a significant other, and watching people play tonsil tennis has no interest to me, and pink is not one of my favourite colours. Ah, cynicism.

But anyway! As a small present to ruinimprove your day, have these two kink meme de-anons.

Titles: Carrots, Carrots and... More Carrots and Because Apparently Whales Have No Timing
Pairing: Finn/Ice
Prompt: Saying 'I love you' at the most random times.

Iceland swung from his chair idly...Collapse )

It should have been romantic...Collapse )

I should not be let loose on crack.

However, I'm going to Iceland at Easter! > < I can't wait, it should be really good. I hope the midges are later in the year~

I don't care if it's dorky

It snowed! \o/
I'm so happy, I love the snow. I hope it snows on the way home from work, I like it when it snows at night. XD


I don't even like the X Factor and it annoys me quite a lot sometimes (will that stupid crowd just SHUT UP? No one cares if you've got a crush on the singer, seriously.) but there are quite a few funny moments.

Like the prop rage. > <
And I'm guessing that iTunes forced the show to do the Beatles this week, since it seems like a little too much of a coincidence. Plus they've gone insane over it, so no surprises.

But whatever. I forgot what I was posting about, really. REVERSE FRIEND'S CUT is still going, if you hadn't noticed.

Man, ads are annoying. Any ads you enjoy/hate, f-list?

Ignore the pointlessness of this entry... > >